My First EV Car Show!

Hello Readers!

Since my last blog post it has now been about 8 weeks that I have owned my Tesla Model 3 and just last month I was fortunate to attend a local EV Car Show right down the road from my house.

The show attracted well over 100 people and about 20 electric vehicles were showcased, including models from Tesla, Nissan, Chevrolet, Hyundai, and Kia. It was a great chance for people to ask questions of the owners and to even take a test ride in one of the cars. I loved meeting people who were passionate about Tesla and allowing them their first chance to ride in a Model 3.

Two Tesla Model 3’s (Monty in the middle) and a Hyundai Kona EV.

The EV Car Show was a great opportunity for me to speak with potential and current Tesla owners about some of their main questions and concerns with going electric. I wanted to revisit some of the most common questions here in my blog with the best answer I can provide from my personal experience with owning the car!

Q: Do you have to install a special outlet / plug at home to charge your Tesla?
A: No! I had planned to install a 30A or 50A plug but after pricing it out at $1100 and trialing the slower wall plug option (also known as a trickle charge), I realized that I could make due with wall charging.

My home charging setup – the only additional cost was the cable hanger ($30 on Amazon).

TIP – An easy way to figure out what speed of charger you require is to take your average daily kms, divided by hours the car is parked with access to charging. For example, my car is only driven about 30kms a day on average, and parked for 15-20 hours a day, meaning my recharge speed only needs to be (30/17.5 = 2km/hr). A wall plug will charge at 8km/hr meaning I have enough speed to recuperate all of my kms driven of my average driving habits. When I go on road trips, I will use the Tesla Supercharger network.

Q: How fast are the Superchargers and how much do they cost?
A: The Hope BC Supercharger reached over 450km/hr recharge speed and the Kelowna BC Superchargers typically max out at about 140km/hr, so it varies. That means that in just 15-30 minutes you can be back on the road again with the additional range of between 30-250kms, depending on the charge speed. The cost of such a charging visit in my experience is around $10-$12, but will vary depending on how long you are parked at the charger.

Q: How far can you go on a single charge?
My Standard Range Plus Tesla Model 3 achieves 385km to a charge, but there are many EVs today which have over 400kms range. For instance, the top of the line Model S, X and 3 all travel 499kms to a charge, and the Hyundai Kona or Kia Niro EVs each get over 420kms to a charge.

My navigation system will route me to superchargers if I am on longer road trips than 385kms, making sure you never need to worry about when or where you must stop or how long you have to charge.

I had such a great time taking people for rides in the car and allowing them to experience first hand what driving and owning a Tesla means to me, and I really enjoyed the varying reactions I got when I pushed the accelerator to the floor ;-).

I’ll be showing the Tesla at another event on June 22nd at a local elementary school where students have been writing projects on Electric Cars – very excited! I’m also taking the car on a road trip to Loon Lake near Cache Creek BC next week which will allow me to check out the Superchargers in Kamloops along the way!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Happy travels – Olivia.

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